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Do you ever have those days (or weeks) when every little thing seems to go wrong and/or malfunction? Your cell phone craps out, you miss a train, you lose your wallet? These are not monumental events, nothing that will threaten your health or your family, but just a slew of little annoyances that continue to pile up until you're ready to throw in the towel, curl up into a ball and never get up. Well, I had one of those weeks last week. My MacBook, which is not even a year old, had a nervous breakdown. Read: it panicked, crashed, and died. Now, luckily I am one of those anal people who back up everything (I've had this happen before and I lost everything) so I didn't lose my stories or my music, but I lost my machine, and this was after spending about10 hours on the phone with Apple Support trying to get it back to life. At the end of the day they finally determined that my hard disk was fried and I had to send it back to be repaired. That was just wonderful considering I had a story to hand in to the Post that night. This was especially not ideal. When I took out my backup machine to use to send in the story, and was about to hit send on the email, that one crapped out too. Yeah. It was awful. So now I am working on a rental machine awaiting the return of my repaired MacBook. (I have to send a shout out to Digital Society, the most amazing local Mac shop. While my machine may be dead, they make getting stuff repaired stress-free. I feel like I am giving away one of my best kept secrets, but forget Tech Serve. Mike, Kevin and Jeffrey at Digital Society rule. They are on 10th Street off Broadway, 212-777-3093,

Okay, so my MacBook died, but that wasn't all. On top of the computer frying, let's see, my bank lost one of my deposits, a publication I write for lost all my receipts for my expenses, I got caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella, and I left my wallet at home and discovered this upon arriving at a restaurant and had to take the cab all the way back home and then back to the restaurant. (I might as well have taken a Limo with what it cost me.) I really was ready to just kick it.

So when I met Julie and Kathy last week for dinner at Mercat, I was quite frankly ready to have a meltdown. With the way things had been going for me, I was amazed that I got there without getting hit by a bus, struck by a random bolt of lighten ... [more, click below]

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