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There’s something about sitting at a bar at the end of the day with a glass of wine that I find immensely appealing. It’s very relaxing. You can be anonymous and just sort of unwind and tune out. (I don’t carry a blackberry, so I really can tune out.) And it was especially relaxing the other night at Aurora, while I was waiting for Jamie to arrive. I had walked down to Soho, and while it was quite hot out, there was a nice breeze coming up from the river. I arrived early, found a seat at the bar, and pulled out my magazine (I was reading the profile of Paul McCartney in the New Yorker), and ordered a glass of white —the Arneis. It was happy hour and so the bar, a strong slab of raw striped wood, was covered with free dishes of cubed cheese, plates of olive bread and mini pizzetas, bowls of olives, and white bean puree. Ingrid Lucia played overhead, and a set of wide floor-to-ceiling French doors was folded back accordion style, turning the front room into a sort of al fresco wine bar. When the breeze kicked up pile of cocktail napkins flew into the air.

As I waited, I planned on reading more of the article, but I couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the two women seated next to me. They were probably a few years younger than me, and were dressed in traditional summer in the city chick garb—flowing tops, short shorts, vintage aviator sunglasses perched on their heads. “I think you just have to do it,” the one woman said. “I mean if it’s been more than a week, it’s an issue.” “I know, but we’re so tired, and I just would rather go to sleep.” Oh, they were having that conversation. This might be good. I turned the page of my magazine to make my reading seem more authentic and less of a farce, and listened up. “I mean we’re in a rut, we just don’t do it anymore. Our sex life is totally fading. He doesn’t even seem to care.” Hmm. He might care, I thought.

“Well, that’s happened to us too,” her friend replied. “But you can’t wait for him to make a move, guys are lazy. You’ve gotta just do it. Just lean over and break the pattern.” “Yeah, I know,” her friend said with a sigh. “But I’d rather just drift off to sleep.” I wanted to hear more, but ... [more, click below]

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