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Marriage is a big step. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. It’s a lifetime commitment, none of this two-years-and-I’m-bored-so-see-ya stuff. It’s major! And since I answered yes to a particular question last week, I’m gonna be doing it. Wow. Who knew? I never really imagined I’d get married. I’ve been single for a long time, and if you’re out there dating and single in New York City, I have a feeling you can relate to my pessimism. I just didn’t see it happening. And on top of that I didn’t exactly grow up dreaming of walking down the aisle. (Not sure that anyone really does.) You see, my parents’ marriage didn’t go so well. I mean they had my brother and me, which I guess was good, but otherwise, it lasted about six years and then that was that. And those six years were not so great if I remember correctly. (And I remember correctly.) Then again, I’ll admit that while I wasn’t raised with a great example of marital bliss, somehow marriage has still been something I wanted to do. I’m a die-hard romantic sap as most of you know, and the idea of being someone’s partner for the rest of my life is really something I wanted to do. I guess I had gotten to the point where I figured that if the right person came along, and if I was at the point in my own life—where I felt good enough with who I was and where I was going with myself— then I’d get married. And until then, I’d just write my columns. I guess both of those requirements have been met because last week Craig got down on one knee and took a black box out of his coat pocket and asked me to marry him, and I said yes. Well, actually I should explain that I said yes after a very small period of hesitation. I was sort of in shock. I mean I was very happy about it, but I just didn’t expect it to come on a Sunday morning. (We had been away for the weekend and he waited till Sunday morning! Who does that?) So he caught me way off guard, and while I was processing what was happening, he was down there on one knee waiting for the most important answer to the most important question of his adult life, and I sort of forgot to answer. Just for about ten seconds, maybe twenty, but you know how time stands till at those moments. Well, I guess after enough time had passed and he started to get a cramp in his leg, he had to give me a multiple-choice answer (Yes, Yes, or Yes?) I choos ... [more, click below]

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