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  Romantic Italian East Village Cheap Eats Great

Lavagna is a come-back-and-see-me-all-the-time sort of place. The vibe is candle-lit, Italian farmhouse chic: a modest square room with a small bar, crowded with sturdy wooden tables. Long tables of friends, and doting, hand-holding dates are scattered about the room, passing around the restaurant’s simple, Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The wood oven-roasted artichoke heart, served over white bean puree with mushroom ragout ($8), and the lick-that-bowl-clean-every-time rigatoni with sweet fennel, spicy sausage, tomatoes, peas, and touch of cream ($12) are dishes I could eat every night. This perfect spot for a cozy winter night, is a hideaway with an intimate feel that will impress your friends and lovers (and possibly turn friends into lovers). When people ask me where I love to eat, its always on my list of faves. Simple, honest, reasonable food served with charm. What's not to love? Lavagna also has one of the sweetest waiters in town, named Salach. Tell him I say Hi.


Lavagna, 545 5th St., b/w Ave A &B, 212-979-1005


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