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“Shake Shack”

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I finally got around to having lunch at Shake Shack this week—Danny Meyer’s sleek, retro concession stand in Madison Square Park. I loved it. Apparently, I am not the only one. The place is teeming with people—suits, hipsters, kids with nannies (and some with their parents!)—and while the line is long, it did move pretty quickly (Speaking of lines, my friend Kathy Squires had a great piece in The New York Post yesterday on restaurants with lines. Do check it out.)

We scored a great little table under some tall shady old oak trees and got to work on our lunch—The Taxi ($2.25), a slim Vienna beef hot dog topped with tomato stewed onions, a juicy grilled burger on a toasted potato bun with pickles, lettuce and tomato ($3.10), and a square paper basket of crinkly cut fries ($1.85). (The fries are frozen but who cares. They taste great.) If you can handle it, add a cold beer, or a shake ($3.50-$4.45), or a Concrete ($5.85)—think a DQ Blizzard—ribbons of thick frozen custard blended with mix-ins like peanut butter, hot fudge, chocolate toffee, or Valhrona chocolate chunks. Yummy stuff.

Hey, it’s summer people. It fact, it’s already the middle of summer. (Need I remind you what happens here in winter?) So get out from behind your desks, take a walk to the park, feel some sunshine on your face, have a shake, eat a dog or two (and let the sauerkraut drip down your chin), and finish your meal off with a waffle cone filled with creamy cold frozen custard. Smile. The Shake Shack is open from 11am daily in the southern end of Madison Square Park.

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