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“Book Signing at Union Square Greenmarket, Jack Kerouac Dinner at Louro”

Perfect for the Food Lovers on the Holiday Gift List: Signed Copies of THE FLAVOR BIBLE and DIRT CANDY: A COOKBOOK

Swing by the Union Square Greenmarket (on the north and west sides of Union Square Park, near 16th Street and Broadway) on Saturday, December 15th, from noon – 2 pm to pick up copies of some of the best-selling food and wine books of the year and have them personally signed by authors Karen Page, Andrew Dornenburg, and Amanda Cohen.

Two-time James Beard Award-winning authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg will sign copies of their award-winning books THE FLAVOR BIBLE, WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT, and THE FOOD LOVER’S GUIDE TO WINE (all Hachette Book Group).  The couple has written some of the culinary world’s best-loved books, which also include CULINARY ARTISTRY and BECOMING A CHEF.

Amanda Cohen, chef-owner of the East Village restaurant Dirt Candy –  which last week became the first vegetarian restaurant in nearly two decades to receive two stars from The New York Times – will sign copies of her new DIRT CANDY:  A COOKBOOK (Clarkson Potter).   The book has won raves from the The Strong Buzz, New York Daily News and The Wall Street Journal, and Cohen’s passion for produce is such that she’s been called “the Vegetable Whisperer.”

Jack Kerouac Dinner at Louro

As part of "Beat Week" and in honor of the film adaptation of "On The Road," Chef David Santos will host a five-course culinary tribute to Jack Kerouac this Saturday, December 15th at the West Village restaurant, LOURO. Santos has crafted an edible journey through Kerouac’s America, featuring dishes inspired by events, characters, and locations of this generation-defining novel.   

When: December 15th, 2012; 9:00pm

Where: 142 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014

Tickets to this exclusive event are $95.00; please reserve your tickets today, December 5th at 12pm EST at


Crab Salad: Dungeness crab, sourdough crisps, cioppino vinaigrette

Inspired by San Francisco

“I smelled all the food of San Francisco. There were seafood places out there where the buns were hot, and the baskets were good enough to eat too; where the menus themselves were soft with foody esculence as if dipped in hot broths and roasted dry and good enough to eat too. Just show me the bluefish spangle on a seafood menu and I'd eat it; let me smell the drawn butter and lobster claws...that's my ah-dream of San Francisco.” 

Catfish Stew: grit fritters, house made tabasco

Inspired by New Orleans

“The air was so sweet in New Orleans it seemed to come in soft bandannas; and you could smell the river and really smell the people, and mud, and molasses, and every kind of tropical exhalation with your nose suddenly removed from the dry ices of a Northern winter. We bounced in our seats. “

Pierogi: mushrooms, caramelized onion broth

Inspired by the Midwest 

"At lilac evening I walked with every muscle aching among the lights of 27th and Welton in the Denver colored section, wishing I were a Negro, feeling that the best the white world had offered was not enough ecstasy for me, not enough life, joy, kicks, darkness, music, not enough night."

Duck & Foie: rice & beans, mole sauce, spiced honey

Inspired by Mexico

“Shirt-sleeved Mexican cabdrivers and straw-hatted Mexican hipsters sat at stools, devouring shapeless messes of tortillas, beans, tacos, whatnot. We bought three bottles of cold beer-cerveza was the name of beer-for about thirty Mexican cents"; or ten American cents each. We bought packs of Mexican cigarettes for six cents each...We had finally found the magic land at the end of the road and we never dreamed the extent of the magic.“ 

Ricotta Beignets: powdered sugar, coffee ice cream

Inspired by New York 

"Suddenly I found myself on Times Square. I had traveled eight thousand miles around the American continent and I was back on Times Square; and right in the middle of a rush hour, too, seeing with my innocent road-eyes the absolute madness and fantastic hoorair of New York with its millions and millions hustling forever for a buck among themselves, the mad dream."  

Happy Weekend!


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